Data Security


By 2016, the worldwide data security market is expected to grow to almost $90 billion in total value. Security is big business, and it should be.


The more complex the technology that businesses utilize the more critical data security becomes. Businesses that are directly involved in technology, cloud service providers, and internet service providers all have a vested interest in maintaining the security of their data.


Moving to the Cloud


More and more businesses from all industries have been making the move to cloud computing, or considering making the move. Many are already making use of the cloud, and the technology looks set to be the norm for all types of companies.

Top tips to help businesses use the cloud securely


Most organizations today embrace the speed and flexibility that using the cloud as a service offers.

Even those companies who remain out of the cloud will often find that people in their network access cloud services in one way or another.

Employees who work from home or external partners may use DropBox and Gmail accounts for file sharing or collaboration, making it almost impossible for any sizable organization to stay completely cloud-free.

On Cloud Nine: an Introduction to Cloud Computing


For decades local computing has been the norm.

Storing and and accessing data through a computer’s hard drive meant that it was close by, and could only be done through the one single computer, or other computers in the network.

Cloud computing has revolutionised data storage. Now data can be stored and accessed through the internet, meaning it is accessible at any time or from anywhere with a connection. Hugely successful mobile applications such as Uber and Lyft use clouds, as well as Spotify, Apple Music and virtual assistants such as iPhone’s Siri.

The New Tasty OS from Google: Android 7.0 Nougat


The next operating system from Google is finally here. Like Marshmallow, the name for the last version 6.0, Google have come up with another tasty dessert for us all to devour. This time it’s all about Nougat.

Yesterday, Google started rolling out its latest OS on its flagship Nexus smart phones, which are the first to get the upgrade and it’s all over the headlines. In the coming weeks updates will first be made available to users of the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and the Pixel C.

Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality


The Technology of Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go app achieved huge popularity back in July. It has gripped the world with it’s array of colourful monsters and use of GPS information of users, which makes it stand out from the crowd as one of the first video games that jumps into the physical world. The app lets users see things on their devices which do not exist in real life. This kind of technology is called AR, short for augmented reality.

Get Excited For The Future of Technology


We live in an ever-changing, fast-moving world, where innovations are introduced and assimilated quicker than we care to notice.

Every one of us loves to dream and think up what the next big thing might be; many of us have our own ideas of futuristic inventions we’d love to get the chance to make use of one day. Well, don’t forget, the future is coming and these innovations are well on their way to being the norm and making our planet safer, cleaner and smarter. How exciting!