The Cloud Revolution


Over the past ten years, cloud technology has had more impact than any other.

It has brought about a transformation in IT, power costs less, it’s easier to utilise, it’s more reliable and it’s a whole lot simpler.

Massive data streams created by the connected world are revealing a lot about the way we live and this is a significant opportunity for innovative business which makes use of the data.

Server, network and storage have now been combined into one platform, making speed and agility of utmost importance.

Facial Recognition Technology


Facial recognition technology was almost unheard of just a few years back, but its development and growth has been huge in the past year. Now, we’re using it for everything from security to socialising and there are no signs of its use slowing down.

Unlocking phones with facial recognition technology is something that both Apple and Android have been looking into. Both wish to integrate this into their devices and create apps to unlock phones and tablets using facial recognition. This certainly would bring a new physical element of security to handheld devices.

Cloud Security: The Main Threats


The benefits cloud computing offers are manifold. Security should,

nevertheless, still be a high priority when using cloud services. is the encrypted file transfer manager which gives improved security no matter which cloud provider you’re using.

It’s important to stay informed on current threats if you want to keep tight security on your cloud computing. The top threats for 2016 are listed below.



Cybercrime, Hacking and Online Security: The Ever-Growing Struggle for Security


Fears regarding security and privacy mean that people are slowly backing away from the net.

With government surveillance, hack attacks from nation states and organized cybercriminal gangs there’s certainly a lot to be worried about. High profile cases such as the hacking of Hilary Clinton’s emails show that a cyberwar is not something of the future, but has already arrived.

Cyberwar is bad news for all of us. We are conducting more and more of our lives online and therefore need to become informed about computer security too.

Innovative Technology at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Sporting feats and athleticism won’t be the only things on display at this year’s Olympics, which kicked off with the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening in Rio de Janeiro.

The 2012 London Olympics was the most watched TV event in history. This year is set to beat that record and the Olympic Games in Brazil will showcase a range of technological innovations.

Latest Laptop Security Measures


Fending off the latest attacks on a laptop is important business,

especially seeing as laptops have more connection options, legacy apps and more storage than tablets and smartphones do. It’s important to be thorough protecting a laptop as hackers are diligent and always looking for new techniques. Cyber criminals are aware that through a laptop can be an easier way to break into files, get hold of confidential emails and passwords.

These effective approaches and products are not widely known yet, but are effective precautions to fend off attackers.

The Future of the Cloud


There have never been more cloud contact centres as there are now and cloud computing is always evolving and improving. As with any fast-changing industry, those who use the technology should stay aware of what the future holds and stay up-to-date with the systems they are using.

Many companies are still failing to protect sensitive cloud data


A study by Gemalto has shown that many businesses are not managing the security of sensitive data in their clouds appropriately.


The Ponemon Institute, which researches privacy, data protection and information security independently, has carried out an investigation into cloud security in businesses. “The 2016 Global Cloud Data Security Study” intended to better understand key trends in security practices and data governance.


Facebook's New Internet Drone


For the past year or so, Facebook has been designing a drone which will beam internet to places which don’t yet have access to it and they have now reported its first successful test flight.

They have named it Aquila, which comes from Greek mythology and was the name of the eagle that carried Jupiter’s thunderbolts.