Governments VS Encryption

The Communist Party in China is preparing a major gathering in which the President Xi Jinping would confirm and reinforce his leadership for a second five-year period. This atmosphere is the perfect excuse to go even further with their “Great Firewall” politics. They have blocked so far Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia and Facebook. This time it´s turn for Whatsapp.

Game of Thrones & HBO Hacked


Game of Thrones makers HBO were hacked and the penultimate episode was leaked a whole four days before it was due to be aired. The files were distributed by a hacking group called Mr. Smith.

With the Game of Thrones season 7 finale due to be aired on HBO this coming Sunday (27th August 2017), HBO have already received multiple threats that another leak is imminent.

Cloud Security Threats


As data goes serverless and cloud computing takes off, security has become more important than ever.

Although the cloud has brought with it many advantages, and clouds are used in schools, government institutions, hospitals and business sectors, there are also a few things we should be careful of when it comes to data security and cloud computing.