Use Cases

Fast data transfers with the highest security

get2Clouds® is a versatile solution for clients and industries of all sizes including global leaders in industrial automation, power supply, control and information solutions, software and hardware, telecommunications, the health sector, legal sectors, and the media.

get2Clouds® is fully customizable and can handle unique user requirements—even for the most complex situations including management of transfers across firewalls and corporate proxies, regardless of the file size.

Construction and architecture

An industry leader in 2D and 3D CAD design, drafting, modeling, and architectural drawing uses get2Clouds® to securely transfer their large design files (>1GB) and software updates to its internal divisions and clients. This can be done faster and more securely, without having to be online at the same time.

Law firms

Thanks to get2Clouds®, international law firms can now safely store files and legal documents in the cloud. get2Clouds® encrypts all data that is transferred offering the highest level of protection, file security and preservation of the user’s intellectual property. get2Clouds® can guarantee easy and secure collaboration with affiliates, clients and partners as only the user and the intended recipient can access content.

Small business

By using get2Clouds®, smaller companies don’t have to worry about security risks that could result in breaching NDAs, thus compromising the trust of their clients. Advanced encryption means nobody but the password holder can access the data. Furthermore, by using get2Clouds® small firms can securely send large files to their clients within seconds, with 100% protection—and they don’t need an IT department to handle the transfers.

End user concerns about hacking

When using the cloud privately, get2Clouds® can prevent confidential data from being stolen, hacked or leaked. With get2Clouds® your data is safe because the end user’s data is encrypted and can only be decrypted using the password set by the user.


For professional photographers and musicians keeping intellectual property secure is of the utmost importance. By using get2Clouds® they can be sure that their intellectual property is protected and encrypted in the cloud.