Cloud Security Myths

Data Security Truths and Lies

It’s 2017 and there are still plenty of common misconceptions that people still hold about data security when using the cloud.

The first is that the cloud is never safe, once you’ve sent data there you’ve essentially resigned it to being hacked and leaked, you no longer control any data you store in the cloud.

The other big misunderstanding is that the cloud is completely problem free and storing data in it is just like storing money in the bank; cloud providers can and will protect your files.

Both of these ideas are myths. They don’t help the case of data security because neither idea about the cloud addresses the fact that each individual user also has a big part to play in the safety and protection of his own data.

Many believe that it is the cloud providers’ responsibility to secure user data, and to a certain extent it is. But being ninety nine percent sure* that your data cannot be hacked requires taking data security into your own hands. And that’s not quite as difficult as you might think...

The most important things cloud users look for in security systems are liability and availability. It’s crucial that data is secure, but can also be easily accessed by the user (and only the user).

Confidentiality and reliability is the next big talking point when it comes to data security; users want to know they can trust their service providers. This means relying on a service provider that cannot access, will not access and does not have any interest in accessing the data itself.

Data protection tools like get2Clouds® are one way a user can add an extra layer of security when storing their data in the cloud. get2Clouds® encrypts data with a unique encryption key before it gets synchronised to the cloud. Once the files are inside the cloud, hackers and cloud providers will not be able to open them nor be able to see what kind of document has been saved there. Files can only be decrypted using your personal get2Clouds® account.


Take back control. Take back your cloud.

get2Clouds® for Windows is available at or try out our new app get2clouds for Android at Google Play, Amazon or Samsung.


*You, and nobody else on this planet, can ever be sure that data is 100% secure.