get2Clouds: new features and new look for a new year


Over the last couple of months we at NOS Microsystems have been preparing for 2019 by bringing cool new features to our all-in-one privacy app get2Clouds and the new look app has arrived on all major app stores just in time for 2019.

The app’s messenger now supports dual-SIM as well as SIM-less devices; the app has a fresh new look with a detailed dashboard where messenger, cloud and transfer vitals can be seen at a glance; and cloud configuration has never been easier. The best part is it’s still cost free and ad free for private use, and ready for you to pick up from all major app stores now.  

We were asked by some users to offer support for dual-SIM devices as well as SIM-less devices. We live in a global village and having two numbers, often from different countries, on one phone is common, but few messengers support this concept so we decided to get to work.

Now, users can register two get2Clouds profiles with different numbers attached to each. After an exhaustive search, we were unable to find any other app that does this whilst also ticking these important boxes:

  • Cost free
  • Ad free
  • E2E encrypted
  • Doesn’t collect any user data

Users don’t need a dual-SIM device to take advantage of the dual profile option. They can register their phone number and a 555 number or just register two 555 numbers. It’s your choice what numbers you assign to your two profiles, but one thing that everyone can agree on, it makes managing between tasks and contacts easier.

The new informative dashboard is also at the request of some users. All the details, how much space is left in your cloud, last files transfers at a glance, last messages at a glance, are now on one handy screen.

Configuring a cloud was always the techy bit. We tried to make it as simple as possible, but we managed to simplify the process even further. Now, there should be no confusion when configuring your cloud and syncing data from your cloud to get2Clouds.

Download your New Year’s get2Clouds treat or upgrade from the current version now on all major app stores, and please, tell us what you think!