Google Docs censorship glitch reminds that the cloud’s convenience costs user privacy


Google Docs users were left baffled earlier this week when they were locked out of their documents, while others reported files being deleted. Affected users were told the items violated Google’s terms of service.  

The glitch gained attention when a National Geographic journalist, Rachael Bale, tweeted that she had been frozen out of her documents by Google while writing a story about wildlife crime. Others also claimed to be abruptly cut off from Google Docs. Google responded that a code push incorrectly flagged a small percentage of Google Docs as abusive, causing them to be automatically blocked.

Google have since mopped up the issues, but it has left behind a grimy residue of the internet giant employing creepy surveillance and censorship methods. The incident serves as a reminder of the pitfalls of free cloud services when it comes to privacy and control. The concern is especially relevant for people using Google’s tools to record and send sensitive information.

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