Governments VS Encryption


This week the news offered a new chapter of the conflict between governments, communications technology, privacy and freedom of speech.

The Communist Party in China is preparing a major gathering in which the President Xi Jinping would confirm and reinforce his leadership for a second five-year period. This atmosphere is the perfect excuse to go even further with their “Great Firewall” politics. They have blocked so far Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia and Facebook. This time it´s turn for Whatsapp.

Arguing that they are acting to stop the spread of “illegal information”, they programmed software to disrupt the communications on the app.

Not only in China is Whatsapp in conflict, but also in London. Some ministers have rushed the company to include some kind of backdoor in their encryption system to facilitate the identification of possible terrorists.

Encryption is a tool for privacy. But also is a tool for freedom of speech. Many people around the world living under oppressive systems use this kind of technology to guarantee their security while reporting their situation.

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