The hand of “G0d” hits German government with biggest ever data dump

German politicians hacked

You’d think God would be so busy preparing a shindig for baby Jesus’ birthday in the lead up to Christmas that she’d have no free time on her hands, but the hand of “G0d” was very busy shame facing the German political crew on Twitter during that time too.

In the weeks before Christmas a Twitter account calling itself G0d and pertaining to have an interest in security research, art and satire treated its 17000 followers with personal and political party information on hundreds of German politicians – including Chancellor Angela Merkel. Yes, even Mutti was affected! The news was given out daily in the style of an advent calendar, but was only discovered on Thursday. It is the biggest ever data dump of its kind in the Fatherland.

The data includes personal and political party information; email addresses, mobile phone numbers, photos of identity cards, direct debit authorizations, credit card info, chats with family members, and internal party communications.

The only political party not to be exposed was the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). Maybe giving a little clue to the identity or at least the political persuasion of the culprits (clearly God is not on that side though).

Whoever they are they got a hell of lot of data and left the authorities scratching their heads wondering what just happened and how it did? The German security agency the BSI is investigating the incident, which apparently also includes data on celebrities and musicians. As of time of writing this blog they had no answers for anything other than the usual blurb about nothing really sensitive being leaked and “we’re still looking into it.”

You know, if all that data had have been encrypted there would be nothing worth seeing? Just a load of binary junk that is useless without an encryption key? Say no more. get2Clouds.