OnePlus phones are harvesting its users personal data

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Are you a OnePlus user?  If so, you should know that your data has been leaked to China. The OnePlus devices running on the Oxygen OS have been reported to be collecting exceeding amounts of user’s data.  Christopher Moore, a security researcher from the UK reveals that the Chinese phone company is collecting and regularly sending the telemetry data of its OnePlus users to its server.

The collection of basic telemetry data is normal for software makers as it is how a company identifies, analyses and fixes its software issues.  However, OnePlus is collecting its user’s identity information and more. Moore successfully intercepted the OnePlus network traffic to identify what data his device sends to the OnePlus servers.  He found that the data collected included,

•             User’s phone number

•             MAC addresses

•             IMEI and IMSI code

•             Mobile network names

•             Wireless network

•             Device serial number

•             Timestamp when a user locks or unlocks the device

•             Timestamp when a user opens and closes an application on phone

•             Timestamp when a user turns phone screen on or off


This is a whole lot of information about the device and it all leads straight back to the identity of its owner.  What’s more, the data contained the timestamps of each activity Moore performed on his device and in which applications he used.  Again, these were stamped with the phone’s serial number allowing OnePlus to know his identity.

OnePlus is spying on its users!

When Moore discovered this in January this year he publicly contacted OnePlus. However, the OnePlus team did not provide any answers or solution to its data theft.

Good news came yesterday when Android developer, Jakub Czekanski, announced a permanent solution to disable telemetry tracking practice. OnePlus users can now put an end to the excessive data collecting practice of the company.  To do so, connect your OnePlus device in USB debugging mode to a computer, open adb shell and enter this command < pm uninstall –k –user 0 net.oneplus.odm  >

That’s reassuring. Thank you Mr Czekanski.

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