Pentagon breach proves no business is safe

A personalized messenger just for your business

Personal data on a whopping 30,000 Pentagon workers has been compromised in a cyber security breach. Information as sensitive as credit card details may have been scooped up by hackers after an unnamed contractor for the Pentagon fell victim to a breach. This isn’t even the first time the Pentagon has been hacked, and if Pentagon data is hackable, you better believe your company’s is too.

The Pentagon normally runs a tight cyber security ship. Their Hack the Pentagon scheme opens the center of defense to hackers, and fixes thousands of bugs in the process. This particular hack, however, was not via invite and it could be wide-reaching. Both military and civilian workers were affected.

The Pentagon is the beating heart of military security and defense. The pinnacle of where data privacy is needed. A data breach there could carry more consequences than anywhere else on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, every business needs to protect their data, but government workers shouldn’t even sneeze unless it’s been encrypted.

In 10 years time email will be what fax is today. Useful only very specific cases, but certainly not the major form of communication. Messaging directly from smart device to smart device is already taking over email and will only become prominent as time goes by.

With an encrypted messenger that is also a secure large file transfer and a convenient place to and sync data in the cloud, who needs email?

Workers, including government workers at the top level, could have their own branded personalized messenger where every communication is encrypted and secure. One like the Corporate Cloud Messenger from NOS Microsystems that utilizes the same high standard of encryption as get2Clouds.

Every action is encrypted, twice, using the most advanced encryption. This makes all correspondents and transfers safe from would be hackers. The Corporate Cloud Messenger can be completely tailored to individual business needs

Don’t let your client and business data become a constantly milked cash cow for hackers.