Planning Your Move To The Cloud

Cloud Migration

Managing data is a constant and complex task for both businesses and private persons. As more and more make the move to the cloud many start to assume the responsibility of data management is no longer theirs but that of their cloud service provider, however successful cloud computing means verifying that a cloud service is the right one for you, better management of data and paying better attention to data security.

-Know your data-

A move to the cloud is like putting things in storage or moving house, in that everything needs to be sorted and organised into boxes before it gets moved. It’s good to have an overall view of everything that is getting moved, and be able to chuck some things in the trash before moving them unnecessarily. Doing this also helps you sort which are the most important or more sensitive items.

-Data life policy-

Businesses inevitably collect files and data, so it’s imperative to know exactly what gets saved, where to and who is accountable for it. Such policies should be reviewed before a move to the cloud.

-Options in the cloud-

With the options of private, public, hybrid or community clouds, it can be confusing choosing which one is best for you. Click here for our guide.


Around 82% of public cloud databases are not encrypted, and leaving data unprotected in this way makes it extremely vulnerable. In today’s world, because most businesses and private individuals rely on data it has become an extremely value asset that must be protected. End-to-end encryption from get2Clouds® ensures that anything saved in your cloud environment cannot be accessed by anyone.

If you’re thinking about moving your business to the cloud, it’s important to regulate who controls what gets encrypted and who controls the encryption keys.

-Penetration testing-

Test the vulnerability of your cloud solution with penetration testing, and make use of your cloud providers’ incident response and vulnerability tools to test weaknesses in the system. Such tests should be done regularly after the initial cloud set up.


Data Security from get2Clouds®:

-Transfer large files securely
-Encrypt files and sync with the cloud
-Compatible with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, SugarSync and Telekom

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