Forget black eye Friday bargains, the best things in life are free

The best things in life are free

If you’re bargain hunting this Black (eye) Friday and Cyber Monday stay vigilant as there are scams a plenty trying to steal your money. Read our guide on staying safe here, and try to stay calm, Black Friday deals are cheap, but the best things in life are free.

We’re often asked how the get2Clouds app can remain free of cost AND free of ads especially since we do not deal in our users’ data whatsoever. We do not store or share any information on our users and every action that passes through our servers is encrypted with advanced encryption so we do not and cannot view it.

When downloading the Windows application we need an email address to make sure bots and malicious actors are not downloading the software. We send a secure link to a trusted email address but we do not store this email address. It is just used to send a onetime download link.

When using the messenger on the Android and iOS apps, users can choose to use their actual phone number. Like all messenger apps, we need to store a contact in our database for messages to be sent and received. If you give your SIM number, the app can connect other users of get2Clouds to your number. If you don’t want this, we have our ‘555’ number option. You can create your own personal 555 number that is completely separate from your SIM number and if you want to connect with other users of get2Clouds, share this number with them directly. This is the only free SIM-less messenger on the market.

But how come it is free? I hear you ask. Well, get2Clouds is and will always be free for private use, but we have paid for business solutions based on the get2Clouds app. Our individually branded private company messenger and file transfer ecosystem is a secure platform where staff can communicate and share files. The communication server is embedded in the client’s IT-landscape so it does not go through a third party operator. This gives companies a closed community, and their own private company cloud.

get2Clouds is the most comprehensive cloud security app available, and our corporate cloud messenger, which is a white label get2Clouds, offers even more. It can be fully branded to company needs and we set up internal servers and they can avail of unlimited cloud space on our secure cloud.

Cyber attack is the most likely threat to any business and most companies are ill prepared for one. The convenience of cloud computing has made cyber attack even more widespread. Our encrypted ecosystem defends against it. 

Also, making get2Clouds available for free on all major app stores might not give us monetary gain, but we benefit greatly from user feedback from those who review the product. It helps us make the it better as well as giving us a platform to test new features and ideas. Speaking of which, we’ll be rolling some out exciting new features in the coming weeks.