What to expect at this year’s CES

CES 2019

Every January the tech world polishes its new inventions and heads to Las Vegas for the weeklong geekfest Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) — the annual techy extravaganza. Tech giants and tiny startups alike will show off their new creations and while the show doesn’t start until tomorrow, but here’s our list of chitter chatter you’ll be hearing in Vegas this week.

1.    Artificial intelligence 

Some might argue that AI is an inappropriately named gimmick, but whatever your thoughts it’s here to stay and CES will be all over it this year with 60 companies set to exhibit in the show’s AI section. Several high profile CEOs including IBM’s Ginni Rometty are tipped to talk about trust and AI.
AI is behind deciphering your voice commands, and is being used in old and new technologies across all industries. TV manufacturers want to it to improve image quality, while self-driving cars are depending on it. It’s been the buzzword of 2018 and in 2019 it looks to just continue the trend. 

2.    5G

Both Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg and AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan will headline and talk up the so-called 5G revolution and device makers will embrace the speedier internet connection over the next year and beyond. 
5G won’t really roll out until the end of this year but since CES has its eye on the future, you can be sure to hear a lot about 5G in Vegas this week. Smartphones will be quick to adapt to the new technology.  

3.    China 

The number of firms from China attending this year’s event has fallen by a fifth amid the mounting trade tensions between Washington and Beijing. Last year, Chinese companies amount to one third of all those attending with a record number of 1,551. This year’s number has fallen to 1,210, which, let’s face it, is still pretty healthy.
The dragon of the east is becoming more and more advanced at technology with powerful camera lenses in shrinking devices among the technology on show at the event, but it’s the trade war will likely be a bigger talking point. Companies of all sizes look set to swap notes on possible alternative locations for their production plants due to the trade war.  
The Design and Source section, which helps connect companies with partners to handle production of their products, often in China, will be smaller this year than last.  

4.    Flexible/foldable devices 

Other than looking really cool, foldable devices are practical in the sense that people wouldn’t need a separate phone and tablet. This would do both. They’re not mainstream yet, but as mentioned above, CES is all about looking into the future so they’ll be a lot of them bashed around on the floor. 

5.    Data security 

Sadly, data security probably won’t be one of the hot topics at this year’s CES because, well, you can never make encryption as exciting as a robot doing press ups or a augmented reality trip to space. But, the more technology develops the more gadgets there are for the hacker’s toolkit. An average cost of a data breach is upwards to US$3 million according to 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study by Ponemon. And no one is safe, just last week we learned that sensitive data from over 100 German politicians were hacked and left out in the open for all to view. 
If 2018 was the year people woke up to big data, 2019 needs to be the year when they do something about it. Download get2Clouds today from all major app stores and get your privacy back.