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Accept and send free Bitcoin payments instantly

A bitcoin wallet that allows for anonymous off-line peer-to-peer bitcoin transactions. A platform that allows for completely free, instantaneous, anonymous, and secure transactions, even if you're offline! To our knowledge, get2Clouds is the first app to allow for bitcoin payments without internet connectivity. The nice thing about peer-to-peer transactions with get2Clouds is you can transact without revealing any personal information. Effectively, it's no different from exchanging cash. To make it available to everyone, even the unbanked population of the world, the app has no link to any Fiat system. What this means is that anyone, anywhere, can join. There are absolutely no geographic or socio-economic barriers for either communications or transactions.
Better than Cash

Better than Cash

Transact and Communicate Freely

Anonymous peer-to-peer (i.e., mobile-to-mobile) bitcoin payments. It's as easy as handing over cash, it's digital and it's free. No personal data validation is required. No bank or credit account, ID, or SIM card is required or ever recorded.

While Bitcoin's utility is growing incrementally in our lives, it's been lacking a practical, applied platform that could leverage its true potential. The majority of 'crypto-companies' decided to cuddle up with the representatives of the old financial world for faster short-term tractions. Instead, we chose the consumer-oriented path that puts people, privacy, and inclusion first. Literally, anyone can join get2Clouds and become a part of the global Bitcoin economy.
Better than Cash

Meet the get2Clouds 'Cash-Coin'

Mint your own 'Cash-Coin' when you're online and spend it when you're not.

  • Pay and receive Bitcoin without revealing any identity.
  • Pay and receive Bitcoin without internet access.
  • Pay and receive Bitcoin without secondary KYC requirements.
Better than Cash

get2Clouds's Zero Fee Policy

Transact and Communicate freely and FREE.

get2Clouds is committed to providing the tool needed for the rapid global adoption of Bitcoin.
  • Fees for the encrypted privacy messenger for Global Calling, Messaging, Video-Chatting, Bitcoin-Payments: ZERO
  • Fees for 2 GB of secure get2Clouds Cloud Space: ZERO
  • Fees for incoming/outgoing transactions to Bitcoin Treasury: ZERO (of course, we can't control Bitcoin's native network fees)
  • Fees for all Bitcoin Online Wallet transactions: ZERO
  • Fees for all Bitcoin Cash-Wallet transactions: ZERO
  • Fees for all Bitcoin Cash-Coin transactions, such as 'minting', 'ransferring', and 'depositing': ZERO
Better than Cash

Introducing the get2Clouds Referral Program

Refer friends, colleagues, and customers, and get up to 3% of all Bitcoin they receive within their new get2Clouds Treasury. You'll recive up to 3% of the referred's first deposit, which needs to occur within 3 months from the time of referral.

Select the referral button on the main screen and decide if you want to show a QR code for the referral to be accepted or send a message to somebody in your contact list.

If the invited contact confirms your invitation, you're signed up for automatic distribution of up to 3%.

Business get2Clouds package

Commercial versions tailored to business needs available. Transfer sensitive corporate and business related data in a customized Corporate Cloud powered by get2Clouds. Company data and intellectual property remains secure in the Cloud.
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