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HIPAA compliant file transfer and messenger securing the healthcare sector

Secure patient data and transfer files of any size in an end-to-end encrypted zone. Chat and share files with colleagues in inbuilt multi-platform messenger.

File management that supports unique needs of architecture, engineering and construction industry

Store and transfer large files to clients and colleagues anywhere in the world with the highest level of security and ease of use.

Supporting data security in the legal industry

Confidentially is the backbone of the legal industry. get2Clouds helps defend this human right by protecting client and company data

Protecting freedom of the press and anonymity of whistleblowers

Fort Knox of cloud applications gives journalists and their sources a secure, private bubble to communicate and transfer files.

Protecting artists’ intellectual property

Store and share work in the cloud in total security. Replace email with secure E2E encrypted messenger.

Tailored solutions for businesses of any size

Giving you all the benefits of cloud computing with none of the risks, no matter how large or small your enterprise.

Storing and sharing patient data in the digital age

Storing and sharing patient data in the digital age

Patient data has moved from paper to digital, and the cloud is surpassing tradition hard copy storage. As well as patient databases being stored the cloud, physicians often communicate with each other over common messenger apps.1 These practical, but risky solutions make healthcare the most cyber-attacked sector.

In 2017 alone, the NHS in the UK was rocked by a breach of 26 million patient files,2 and in the US 5.6 million patient files were compromised.3 Hackers steal patients’ personal information and sell the data on the dark web or use it for fraud. Medical data is more profitable than financial records for cyber criminals.

The sacred right to doctor/patient confidentiality—which is recognized by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights—is being jeopardized. In this environment, cloud security measures are vital. With a moral and legal obligation to secure patient confidentiality, healthcare providers need to do more. Personal health information should never be shared through email or personal cloud storage if it is not encrypted. With get2Clouds, medical staff can securely send and access sensitive files from anywhere, on any device.

Protecting AEC sector from cyber attack

Protecting AEC sector from cyber attack

Those working in the AEC sector use very large files such as BIM and CAD, and they need to share them with colleagues and clients quickly and securely. Moreover, these files rely on cloud computing for secure back up meaning important work is not lost, but it also makes the files remotely accessed to cybercriminals. This is attractive bait to hackers because it could grant them access to valuable information including intellectual properties, corporate finances, account numbers and other confidential details.

A cyber attack is bad for the victim, and the company as its reputation can be destroyed overnight. If your clients cannot trust your business, you have no business. get2Clouds protects your data and makes it difficult for crooks to scam you or your company.

Whether you are sending pre-bid CAD files internally or huge blueprint PDFs to contractors in another country, get2Clouds gets your transfers safely to their destination. Files can be shared via the messenger option or via email. The messenger is packed with unique features that give global teams a platform to comment on and approve project phases online and on the go, cutting down on needless emails.
Supporting data security in the legal industry

Supporting data security in the legal industry

As early as 2013, the ABA Cybersecurity Handbook emphasized those lawyers should no longer view cyber attack as a matter of “if,” but rather, “when.”1 Lawyers are privy to confidential documents such as contracts or wills, which were traditionally stored under lock and key.Today, they are stored digitally and commonly in the cloud.

A recent survey found that, 22 percent of US law firms experienced a cyber attack or security breach in 2017 up from 14 percent the previous year. Reliance on insecure cloud computing is cited as the biggest problem. 2

Legal professionals share files with colleagues, clients or business partners on a daily basis. To do this, and ensure that clients’ information is protected, use the get2Clouds application. Its advanced encryption methods offer cloud security like no other. It is an encrypted- cloud sync, file transfer, and secure messenger, and the perfect introduction to a lawyer’s office. It works across all devices so that files can be sent on the go and the messenger can be used on SIM-less devices. get2Clouds encrypts data on your local server and current cloud making it them safe places to store confidential files.

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  • 2017 Legal Technology Survey Report, Vol. I: Technology Basics and Security (2017(
    Supporting journalism in the digital age

    Supporting journalism in the digital age

    The online world gives journalists unprecedented scope to investigate and report on issues of public interest, but challenges regarding privacy and safety of sources are the flipside of the digital coin. Surveillance, data retention, cyber attacks, expanded and broad antiterrorism measures, and national security laws can over-reach the freedom of the press. UNESCO cite these measures as eroding the protection for journalist sources who reveal sensitive information in the public interest, but who could expose themselves to serious risks and pressures for doing so. This chills whistle blowing, undermines public access to information, and scourges the democratic role of the media.

    Boasting secure large file transfer, secure cloud sync, the securest E2E encrypted messenger and more, get2Clouds is an easy-to-use application that safely sends data where it needs to go and lets journalists and their sources communicate away from preying eyes.
    Protecting artists against cyber attack

    Protecting artists against cyber attack

    After their talent, artists’ biggest asset is their intellectual property and they should protect it. Today, so much of that property exists in digital form of large files such as WAV, uncompressed video files, RAW image files. The best way to protect digital files is though encryption and get2Clouds uses advanced AES 256 encryption. Data can be secured on network attached storage and all major clouds.

    The art industry has lost millions of dollars to hackers who were found to be stealing large sums of money using email deception. Several renowned galleries and individuals were targeted by a scam where criminals hacked email accounts and sent out fraudulent invoices. The same technique is used to intercept payments made by galleries to their artists and others1. Because hackers gain access to the gallery’s email contacts, these scams spread quickly, with fraudulent emails appearing to come from known sources. get2Clouds offers a secure messenger where every action is encrypted offering protection from such a hack.

    Unparalleled cloud security for businesses

    Unparalleled cloud security for businesses

    The convenience of cloud computing has seen its popularity soar in recent years, but big data collection, information leaks, and cyber attacks show its glaring weakness, especially for businesses. Cloud computing has become the norm with an estimated 70 percent of enterprises currently using cloud services for file storage, and the market is rapidly growing. Around 18 percent of files uploaded to cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services contain sensitive data.1 Security in the cloud remains poor with a staggering 36 percent of global organizations breached and 44 percent of IT leaders claiming to feel “very” or “extremely” vulnerable to data threats. A heavy reliance on the cloud is cited as the main reason for a data breach.2 What’s more, most small businesses couldn’t even survive a cyber attack so high is the cost of mopping up the mess.3

    Boasting secure file transfers of unlimited size, secure cloud sync, an E2E encrypted messenger and more, get2Clouds is an easy-to-use application that quickly and safely gets your data to whom it needs to go, away from the peering eyes of cloud providers, and out of the reach of hackers. get2Clouds works with all major cloud providers so users keep using their usual cloud. The app simply deconstructs the data into unreadable junk, which is changed back when the recipient safely receives it—or when they punch in the personalized password. Even if your files do fall into the wrong hands, they can’t be read. Not even the cloud provider or get2Clouds can take a peek.


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